Map of ACT & MFPS venues

Talks will take place across five lecture rooms in three buildings: Lecture Theatres A and B of the Computer Science Department Wolfson Building (Keble Road), the Lindemann Lecture Theatre and Martin Wood Lecture Theatres of the Clarendon Building (Parks Road), and the Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre of the Denys Wilkinson Building (Keble Road).

This is a close-up. Please see other maps for lunch suggestions and dinner and excursion suggestions.

Overview of lecture rooms

  Department of Computer Science, Wolfson Building, OERC Keble Road Entrance, OX1 3QG  Department of Physics, Clarendon Building, Parks Road, OX1 3PU  Department of Physics, Denys Wilkinson Building Building, Keble Road, OX1 3RH St Annes College, Woodstock Road, OX2 6HS
  Lecture Theatre B Lecture Theatre A Martin Wood Lindemann Dennis Sciama  
Monday ACT ACT overflow        
Tuesday ≤4pm     ACT      
Tuesday 2–4pm SMLS ACT      
Tuesday >4pm SMLS ACT Track 1 ACT Track 2      
Wednesday AM MFPS     ACT    
Wednesday PM       ACT&MFPS    
Wednesday 18:30           MFPS dinner (tickets only)
Thursday ≤4pm ACT ACT overflow     MFPS  
Thursday >4pm ACT Track 1 ACT Track 2     MFPS  
Friday ≤4pm MFPS   ACT      
Friday >4pm MFPS Track 1 MFPS Track 2 ACT      


Adjoint School / ACT sponsors:

Sponsor of inclusivity
  Topos Institute Univesity of Oxford Department of Computer Science

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